Out All Night (High Definition Movie)
Sam has been out all night. She left home the night before telling her boyfriend that she was just popping out for a few drinks with some of her friends and now over 12 hours later she retuns home to find a very angry and upset boyfriend indeed!
Sam's Extra Training (High Definition Movie)
Sam has been missing her training sessions and now she's blown her chances of winning the forthcoming competition she's entered. Her trainer, angry and frustrated by all the wasted effort, decides to set Sam some extra special training methods to teach her the error of her ways.
Idle All Day (High Definition Movie)
Sam has spent the day lounging around in bed, reading magazines and eating chocolates. When her partner returns home from work, he is furious to find the house in a terrible mess and Sam still in her night wear. He wastes no time in teaching this lazy girl a very painful lesson!

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